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Help find Brock the Badger!

Oh no! Brock the Badger has been kidnapped and he needs your help to find him!

Navigate your team through a course to find clues that lead to his disappearance. Using your new-found skills for navigation & orienteering from our instructors and your top detective skills, can you find your way around and solve the clues to rescue Brock before it's too late!?

What to expect?

Inspired by escape rooms we have created a similar experience however it is outdoors and includes aspects of orienteering and basic navigation. You will be taught everything you need to know before heading off to investigate Brocks disappearance and don't panic we teach everything easy and simple! You will have 1 hour to rescue Brock and half an hour before with your instructor, making the whole experience last roughly 1.5 hours.

Who can participate?

Due to the nature of this activity we suggest that it is most enjoyed by ages 16+ as some of the challenges are real brain-twisters, although young kids are sure to enjoy other aspects of the experience.

Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be joined by a responsible adult.

This experience is great for families, groups & team-building.

How many can participate?

This experience can be completed by 2 - 20 participants.

If you are a group of up to 8 people you will complete this experience as one team against the clock!

If you are a larger group i.e 20 people - you will be split into two groups and you will compete against each other via different routes - first group to rescue Brock wins!


Prices are dependent on if you require one or two routes.

The more people in your group the cheaper it will be for you!

One route (up to 8 people) - £70

Two Routes (Larger groups) - £140

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